In times of crisis, design and visual messaging are more important than ever.

The UN believes creatives have “the power to change the world” and — via their Global Call Out To Creatives — implored the design community around the world to translate “critical public health messages, into work that will engage and inform people across different cultures, languages, communities and platforms.”

In this unprecedented global situation, public health messaging must reach every corner of the globe, and resonate with every language and culture to prevent the spread of the virus. And for this, the United Nations and World Health Organization know that creatives are at the forefront. The need is not only to disseminate the message but most importantly, for those ideas to change behaviour.

Goodall Integrated Design has always believed visual messaging is an effective way to reach people. Recognizing the gravity of this situation, Goodall Integrated Design produced the five COVID-19 messages below.

How is your organization staying relevant during these challenging times? Is your message getting lost? How will you be remembered when the current crisis is over? Goodall Integrated Design can help you overcome your most difficult communications challenges. Connecting our clients deeply with their audience is what we do best.

Public health messaging is paramount during this time but also is the support we show for essential workers, whether health workers, supermarket shelf stackers or freight train drivers. Nightly clapping and messages of solidarity are important for morale, but we can show our support and respect in one simple action: staying at home.