Medtronic CryoCath LP

Medtronic CryoCath is actively working with leading healthcare thinkers and practitioners around the world to increase understanding of value-based healthcare approaches. The company develops and deploys products, services and integrated solutions that improve patient outcomes per dollar spent in the healthcare system by improving the quality of care and/or reducing the associated expense.


0741 nb CROP (cryocath 1)

0808 nb CROP (cryocath 2)

0814 nb CROP (cryocath 3)

0825 nb CROP (cryocath 4)

0820 nb CROP (cryocath 5)

0747 nb CROP (cryocath 6)

0760 nb CROP (cryocath 7)

0772 nb CROP (cryocath 8)

0783 nb CROP (cryocath 9)

0802 nb CROP (cryocath 10)